Sponsor a Child

Do you want to support a student today? Go ahead and fill up the form to sponsor a child, or contribute to the rice fund. We’ll contact you with the details and more information on your sponsored student.

* To be fair, we place children with sponsors on a queue (next-in-line) process. This is because most of the children know each other, and we do not want to create any jealousy.

  • The school year in the Philippines is 10 month. School starts in July. Since you can start sponsorship at any time (there are always children and families waiting) the amount you pay will be equivalent to the number of months left in the year.
  • Children are required to attend a local church for monitoring purposes. They are also expected to get good grades, though there is no minimum requirement to be continued in the program.
  • You will be given an info sheet about the child and may write letters, give birthday & Christmas gifts.

«    We will contact you via email and work with you on how you may send the money.

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